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Results-Based Education

3SIXty Technical Competency Training is a workforce development organization specializing in Information Technology training. Our mission is to help adults of all ages and backgrounds advance their careers in the IT field.

We offer technical training courses for adults and also serve organizations by providing highly experienced course instructors capable of driving high classroom outcomes, and by providing curriculum services allowing organizations to offer their own IT courses.

Soneka Kamuhuza

Chief Experience Officer

Soneka Kamuhuza has a burning passion for education and positive change. He has worked in the for-profit post-secondary school arena for over two decades, consulting, advising, evaluating, and managing educational programs for efficacy and compliance. He is a sought leader in classroom management, teacher-training, and developing performance enhancing team dynamics. His contributions have been recognized with several awards, and he was named Director of the Year several times in various professional roles.

Soneka’s drive extends beyond the walls of the school. He has volunteered his time and resources to serve local non-profits for many years. His contributions have had a lasting impact on the community. He is a youth leader and mentor, driven by a mission to help young people find their way and become the best versions of themselves.

Currently Soneka is on a new challenge: successfully managing his own Information & Technology (IT) education training business to “Bridge the Technology Gap.” He is helping drive national workforce development needs in the IT sector. He helps schools and nonprofits design, develop, deliver, and implement effective IT certification programs that make a real difference in the legacy and lives of students, and the communities they serve.

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